You can access the MoneyDoctor program as an individual or as a corporate.  As an individual, you can purchase the program for AED 320+VAT on this site and instantly access the program for 12 months.  As a corporate, you can provide access to all your employees at a discounted rate.

For Individuals

Discounted at AED 200 for 12 months subscription

As an individual, you can access the program for 12 months for the cost of AED 320 only. - currently discounted at AED 200 for our launch ! You can subscribe here by entering your credit card. Once purchased, you will receive a welcome email and will be requested to choose a password. The program is made of 10 modules with a combination of videos, presentations and tools to download. It is a self-paced program accessible anytime and for any number of times over a 12 months period. You will instantly access the program once your purchase is done. If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact us at

For Corporates

Price varies according to number of employees

Due to the COVID situation, many CEOs have been asking how they can help their employees be financially independent. Financial wellness has become a big part of employee happiness and we have the exact answer. Corporates can offer the MoneyDoctor program to all their employees as part of their financial wellness initiatives.