49% of employees admit to being less productive due to financial stress

Covid-19 has changed people's lives the level of financial stress.  According to a PWC 2021 report, 63% of employees say that their financial stress has increased since the pandemic.  

As a company, you provide healthcare, you provide professional development training courses, and some even provide mental health but how about financial education  ? 

It is important that your employees feel taken care in one of their the most important aspect of their lives: Their finances.  Employers like yourselves need to retain their employees but the challenges of meeting day to day expenses can be very straining and the lack of understanding how to manage one's finances can lead to further and deeper trouble.

The MoneyDoctor program gives access to your employees through a username and password to a range of 10 different modules from budgeting to how to avoid getting into a debt spiral.  You can view all the modules included in the program

What are the pricing?

Companies can subscribe for 6 months or 12 months and pricing depends on the number of employees.  Please email us on moneydoctor@souqalmal.com to discuss pricing for your employees.


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