Why The MoneyDoctor?

Take control of your money with The MoneyDoctor

  • Localised to the UAE

    Empower yourself to reach financial freedom and in turn be at your best at work and at home. The content of the course is fully localized including rules and regulations of the UAE.

  • Online and accessible

    The financial program is a set of 9 modules online accessible from anywhere. It does not eat into your working hours and you can pick the topics that are most relevant to you at different times from New to UAE to How to manage your debts in the UAE

  • Produced by experts

    This course is produced by Souqalmal, who is known for being the customer voice in the UAE. The company that has spent 8 years in customer advocacy in financial services. We say it like it is and bring up what you need to know.

How does it work ?

The program consists of 10 modules and is a live program. As we grow our content, you will access all the new modules once you subscribe. If you are an individual, you can purchase the program for AED 320 - however currently discounted at AED 200 for our launch for the year by clicking on the button below using your credit card. You can access the program as many times as you want and download any of the calculators. The program is a mixture of videos, tools and presentations and it is done at your own pace. If you are an enterprise and want to provide it for your employees, please contact us at moneydoctor@souqalmal.com

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